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Chitra Group was founded and started by Shri Nanik G. Binwani in the year 1985. The firm was started as a partnership firm in the joint family. From the birth of the company, we use to sell Printed Sarees. The quality of the material changed as per the Market Demand. From 1989, Shri Ashok G Binwani, the elder brother Shri Nanik G Binwani, made his steps into the business to work with his brother which increased the strength of the business.

In 1991, the firm decided to make a tie up with a Mill called Ashoka. So both brothers made a big step to improve the workings of Chitra Group. The partnership with the Mill helped Chitra Group to gain more knowledge in the manufacturing aspects of the products. The partnership lasted for 10 years and thereafter the partnership was dissolved.

In 1994, the partnership firm was turned into a Private Limited Company. The company's business is spreaded over the major states in India like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and other southern Indian states. Along with national market, the company also serves international market by exporting in some parts of U.A.E.


Honesty, Transperancy, Reasonable Price & Good Quality are the roots for creating a brand image in the Market. Creating a brand image helps to establish a company in the market for a long term.

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